Welcome Echizen Soba Village

The birthplace of
Echizen Soba

Fukui is well known for it’sOroshi soba,which is serrved with a large portlon of grated dalkon radlsh.Echizen soba is our company’s original brand and it has grown to become one of Fuki’s premium soba dishes.
Japanese noodles are made by processing soba from soba grain.ithas a long history and representaltive foods along with Sushi and Tempura.

Third generation
specialty soba makers

Mr Oketani himself to said “I want to make deliclous Soba”. Since 2002 We have been cultivating buckwheat(soba)in hokkaido.
Blet,Asahikawa and locally in Fukui
The planting area adds up to around 86 Tokyo domes worth of space. Through sowing and harvesting our own aoba we can realish the pontential of every grain We guarantee a deeply flovoraome soba noodle.


Factory tours and a variety of lessons,
including in how to make soba,
are also available.

Experience class

Soba making, Red bean jelly making. Even the first person can do so easily. Small children must always be accompanied by an adult.

Visitng Factory Tour

We puroduce and sell 50,000 servings per day. The maiking process can be seen through a factory tour.
Pretty small dolls show you how to make soba. They are made of Japanese papers.


Try our soba and handmade sweets,
carefully prepared
and fresh from the oven.

Set menus of Oroshisoba made from soba grown in fields along with options of other famous Fukui dishes.

Opening hour’s

Last Order PM2:30
Only Orosi-soba PM3:30


We have a wide selection
of original and specialty products.

We have original items such as Echizen soba and soba no Sato, special products of Fukui and sweets. You can use it as a home gift or as a gift.